We Recycle. You Upstyle. Humanity never looked so good!


RE UP (re)PURPOSE and the synergy behind it!


RE UP's (re)PURPOSE: It is our responsibility to leave this world better than we found it! We have a responsibility to protect our planet by utilizing renewable and reusable resources when possible. Clothing is certainly a REUSABLE RESOURCE! Currently, 21 billion tons of clothing makes their way to landfills in the United States alone! We can partner together and make an impact on that number! Our RE UP Curator finds tucked away items we know you will love and makes them accessible to you! We can all be bio-responsible and look amazing doing it.

RE UP GARMENTS are hand-curated from resale shops across the country. We choose our pieces based on fabric textures, design elements, and quality. Our curator always brings you the best brands and the most unique, fashion-forward styles. Some of the hand-curated items we choose to add to our offerings are new with tags, some pieces are vintage and rich with history, some items we alter so they reach their full potential, and some we adore as-is! All of RE UP’s pieces are offered with love.

RE UP BELIEVES IN COMMUNITY. We curate our collection from those who give back to their local communities. We source each garment from proprietors who support a stated cause or mission, whether or not it is in alignment with our personal purpose. We believe love is love and help is help. Humanity is what matters, and we aim to contribute indiscriminately.

RE UP HUMANITY. Every action we take will cause a ripple effect. Not only do we hand-curate our pieces from those who contribute to their local communities, but we also donate 10% of all proceeds to reputable charitable organizations with a proven track record of providing access to clean water across the globe. Check our trackers to see how many pounds of clothes made their way to new homes through RE UPpers, and to see our lifetime donations to orgs that provide access to clean water! We can all make a difference when we partner together - like drops in a bucket!



Our RE UP Curator is a self-proclaimed "Texifornian". Emily is a Texas native, who spent childhood summers in Los Angeles. When she was 14, her family permanently moved her to Hollywood, CA. She spent the 90's roaming SoCal, finding as many thrift stores as she could. It didn't matter how far, as long as she could make it there with whatever gas money was in her pocket. 

She spent weekend upon weekend looking for the most unique throwbacks each store had to offer. During this process, she became passionate about the history of the items that had once been someone's "dream piece". Who designed it? Who built it? Who purchased it for the first time? That passion led her to learn all she could about Vintage fashion, furniture and the history of the manufacturers.

That passionate curiosity has remained, fueling her fire to breathe these pieces back to life so that she may contribute to the individuality of RE UPPers, while collaborating with other communites to promote humanity and make an impact on leaving the planet better than we found it. The ripple effect.

Emily is most comfortable living life in different settings with new experiences. As an adult, she moved from Los Angeles to Colorado Springs, then on to Key West, Florida and has now made her way back to Texas. She currently lives in Dallas, Texas with her two amazingly cool teenagers and their three dogs.

If you see Emily in the wild, there is a 10/10 chance she's got a camera in her hand, a book in her purse, coffee within reach, music in the background, living her best purposeful and creative life! 



Our goal is to partner with you for a lifetime, so together we can make the biggest impact that aligns with our purpose! That means, we want you to be thrilled with each of your selections. We do our best to ensure all pieces in the RE UP collection are in excellent condition, but we are human and we may miss something! If for any reason you’re not stoked when you receive your selection, contact us and we will find a solution that leaves you with a smile on your face!